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          • GF2-30KVA
          • diesel generator
          • home
          • hiearns
          • home
          Why can surpass others?
          Handles and wheels
          Convenient to move
          30L Fuel tank
          Big fuel tank ensure 12 hours long time operation
          230 G/KW.H or 2.4 L/H
          Digital panel
          Advance warning, full protection of generator
          Air duct
          New design, Convenient heat dissipation
          Latest design, best silent
          CE and ISO
          Optional features
          ATS, three-in-one digital module, five-in-one digital module and timer
          Changzhou Hi-earns Mechanical & Electrical Co.,Ltd is located at Changzhou of Jiangsu Province, which lies in the east of China with convenient transportation access. Our business specializes in 9hp diesel engine,hand start diesel engine,3KW electric diesel engine,10KW DIESEL GENERATOR,three phase silent diesel generator,open type three phase diesel generator etc. diesel engine.Hi-earns factory is established in 2005 with 25 million RMB registered capital and covers an area of seven acres. Our monthly capacity ...
          Enterprise strength
          Hi-earns factory is established in 2005 with 25 million RMB registered capital and covers an area of seven acres. Our monthly capacity is more than 6000 sets, and our products are best-selling at home and abroad for many years.
          brand value
          Hi-earns Company follows the principles-- market as guidance, R&D as driving force, quality as foundation, constantly upgrading technology and quality, maximizing added value of products, and building an international independent sales network, in order to compete with other major international groups.
          High quality products
          Our company has independently developed 198FA, which belongs to Air-cooled Diesel Engine with its proprietary intellectual property and manufacturing technology. Recently, we developed Super Silent Generator Set and got a certification of Invention Patent. Also, we have attained certifications of ISO9001-2015 , CE .
          Are you troubled by power cut and unstable power supply?
          Are you worried about the big noise of generators?
          Are you afraid to get the fake and inferior productions?
          Are you feared by none after-sales service offered by supplier?
          Just contact us, and we will solve all your problems.

          Hi-earns News

          For you to push the first - hand enterprise information.
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